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Rekindle Connection & Banish Resentment

Struggling with bottled-up emotions, anger, and resentment in your marriage? Learn to embrace your feelings, communicate openly, and rediscover joy without changing who you are.

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About Lisa Kelly

I know what it's like to feel trapped and disconnected in your marriage

After moving for my husband’s career, I felt adrift. Then he was diagnosed with an irreversible illness, intensifying my struggle. I felt isolated, angry, and judged myself for it. But coaching changed my life and it can change yours. I learned to channel my emotions positively and take control of my happiness. I can teach you to do the same.

Empower Your Marriage Through Coaching

If you’re tired of pretending, know that you have the answers within you. Coaching guides you to discover them, setting you on a path to real, fulfilling emotional and relational change.

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I can't express how grateful I am for the transformation coaching my husband and I went through.

It was like a transplant for our relationship, breathing new life into it. Our marriage had hit a rough patch, and we were struggling to communicate and connect. We decided to try transformation coaching, and it was a game-changer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, confidentiality is an essential component of our coaching relationship. Coaches adhere to strict professional ethics and maintain client confidentiality. Your trust in me is my top priority. Feeling safe is paramount. Your personal information, conversations, and progress will be kept confidential unless there is a legal obligation or an explicit consent given by you to share specific information.

Better time management and productivity.
Enhanced communication and relationships.
Anxiety, stress reduction, and increased resilience.
Improved health and well-being.
Enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills.
Increased happiness and fulfillment.

Coaching focuses on individual and relational development and growth. Whereas, therapy is designed to treat psychopathology or trauma in the acute stage. Coaching isn’t intended to diagnose or treat mental illness.

Many people choose to work with a coach in conjunction with therapy. Therapy and coaching work seamlessly together in most cases.

If the need for therapeutic support arises while we are working together, I will assist you in finding a licensed therapist within your state who offers the services you need, either in place of, or in addition to our work together.

No. All you need to bring is you. You can prepare by being as distraction free as possible so you can be fully present. Nothing else is needed. I do all the heavy lifting.

Costs vary depending on the package. Let’s chat to find the best fit for you.

All you need is a computer and internet connection. We use secure platforms to ensure privacy.

That’s okay! Coaching focuses on changes you can make individually that positively affect your marriage.

Less resentment means more joy in your marriage

Ready to dissolve resentment and rediscover joy in your marriage? A simple shift in perspective can ignite change, without waiting for your partner to take the first step.

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